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"Sun-sational" Stump Pass Beach

Englewood Florida is yours to enjoy. We also enjoy this Gulf Coast community. Why do we, and others, enjoy it so much? The answer is simple.

Let's start with the fact that it has fabulous beaches, sunny clear blue skies and warm weather all year. But then, so do most Florida communities, many people think.

But, Englewood is unique from most other areas in the Sunshine State.

Centrally & Conveniently Located

Englewood is a relaxing Gulf Coast beach town with all the amenities for a fabulous vacation or a great retirement. It is this relaxed pace of life that makes this community so attractive to us, and many others. 

And, on top of this, it is centrally and conveniently located to many tours and attractions that Florida is so famous for offering. Here you can venture out to enjoy the activities of your choice. Visit Theme Parks, Wildlife adventures, challenging Golf courses, charter fishing expeditions, enjoy a tour of the area in a helicopter, hot air balloon or some other airborne vehicle of your choice.  

Then return to Englewood and enjoy a day of rest and relaxation at one of the four fantastic beaches on Manasota Key. There is also no shortage of excellent places to eat offering a delightful array of culinary experiences.

Another Great Bonus is the Weather

How does today's weather in Englewood compare with yours!

We did not discover Englewood by accident. Nor is our fascination with this community a recent event.

Our family discovered this Gulf Coast gem more than three decades ago when my father-in-law retired and was looking for a place to spend six months during the winter.


Don't click that back button because you think that this is only a site on Florida 55 retirement communities. On the contrary we have been visiting this area long before retirement thoughts danced in our heads.

Attractions Next Door

Englewood offers a peaceful place to stay, while it is conveniently located just a short distance from all the exciting attractions tourists come to Florida to take part in. 

Orlando with it's myriad of attractions is only 2 hours (142 mi or 228 km)

Disney World -> 2 hours

Tampa is only 1 hour & 20 minutes (88 mi or 142 km)

Busch Gardens -> 1 hour & 20 minutes

Florida Everglades -> 2 hours & 9 minutes (129 mi or 207 km)

Golf is Big in This Area

The golf courses are numerous and varied in the challenge they present to a couple of duffers. You could venture out from the Englewood area and if you were to play one course per day, every day of the year, it would take you 3.4 years to play all of the golf courses in the State of Florida!

Mini golf is offered in Englewood and in the surrounding area you can play several mini golf courses. They come in an assortment of unusual themes and are fun to play. 

Using Englewood as the Hub

Just because this website is about Englewood, it does not mean that we do not like the rest of the state of Florida. Absolutely not! My wife and I have spent many mini-vacations exploring other locales in this state. We enjoyed every minute of those holiday times and because of its central location we can easily take mini-vacations to other parts of Florida when we want.

We will assist you to do the same, using Englewood as your "re-charging " station with all of it's marvelous amenities.

Abundant Wildlife to Enjoy

As you walk around Englewood and Manasota Key there are many sights to see. If you love aquatic life and other wildlife, you are in luck. 

Seeing dolphins charging along in the waters of Lemon Bay between Englewood and Manasota Key are a daily occurrence. Along with Manatees, sharks, sea turtles, pelicans, egrets, herons and an array of other waterfowl, birds of prey, song birds (especially in winter),  deer, panthers (which are rarely seen), alligators (not to worry unless you are foolish), black bears (only in a few locations) and the usual suspects, racoons, fox, squirrels and more.

Dolphin Beach Road Bridge

Dolphin From Beach Road Bridge

Four Fabulous Beaches to Enjoy

Englewood Beach Florida Sunbathers

Sunbathing On Englewood Beach

You can visit the four beautiful beaches of Manasota Key. Play on the beach and in the warm alluring waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Walk them, collect seashells along them and you will never forget them!

They are all equipped with washrooms, picnic areas and free parking. Some offer life guard services and all are absolutely amazing. We talk about each one as if it were our favorite, because it's true, all four are our #1 beach.

shelling Stump Pass Beach

Shelling Stump Pass Beach

And it doesn't matter where you go beautiful sunsets follow you. And they are best enjoyed at one of Manasota Keys fabulous beaches.

Sunsets On Manasota Key

Beautiful Sunsets Follow You

In short, Englewood Florida offers everything that you want in a retirement destination if that is what you are seeking.

Don't click that back button because you think that this is only a site about Florida 55 retirement communities.

On the contrary, we have been visiting this area for years. Long before retirement thoughts danced in our dreams.

Englewood is a great vacation destination for travelers of all ages. You will see what I mean when you travel further on this site and Enjoy Englewood Florida!

Just watch this video and you will see why we love it so much!

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