Stump Pass Beach

Stump Pass Beach is one of the four great Englewood beaches located on the barrier island known as Manasota Key.

Stump Pass Beach

Stump Pass Beach & State Park

It is an excellent beach to pick up shells and sharks teeth. We have a nice collection of special shells we have found and have taken visitors  to build their souvenir shell collection before returning home.

Path to Stump Pass Beach

Path to Beach

Getting to Stump Pass Beach is easy. Take Beach Road across the bridge to the first main intersection and turn left. (Before I forget, if you have a chance, the area around the bridge is a great place to see manatees and dolphins.)

After turning left at the intersection, follow the road until you reach the packing lot. Some folks suggest that an early arrival on weekends is necessary to get a parking spot.

But, our experience has been that due to the limited parking spaces, an early arrival is necessary most every day.

There is more to this beach than the sand on the gulf coast. It is a State Park and has a little inlet that offers a good place to moor a boat and watch the wildlife. Dolphins love to visit and show off.

Shore Stump Pass Beach

Always Water Birds Busy Finding Food on Sand

This beach is a great place for swimming, walking or just sitting on the shore. The scenery, especially in the early evening is amazing. After all, what can be more romantic than a Gulf Coast sunset!

Stump Pass Beach South

Stump Pass Beach Looking South

A short walk will take you to a selection of restaurants and shops.

If you enjoy fishing, then try casting your line into the water here. Several people have told us that the fishing is great at this spot at the southern end of Manasota Key.

There are lots of Florida Vacation Rentals on the beach or accommodations for purchase in the area, on both Manasota Key and in Englewood.

Don't you just love Englewood Florida!

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