Active Adult Retirement

Englewood Beach Sunbathers

Englewood Beach Sunbathers

Active adult retirement in sunny Englewood Florida is full of possibilities in our favorite part of the world.

Englewood Florida abounds with activities to participate in, for those who are looking for an active retirement lifestyle.

Where should I begin?

It is difficult to decide what activity is our favorite because it seems everyday we are able to do something different. Sometimes I wonder if our enthusiasm for an active lifestyle is not only because it is the healthy thing to do, but also we are just so darned happy to be spending time in this wonderful Florida weather in our favorite Florida destination.

First, there are the Englewood beaches, excellent places to participate in active adult retirement living. Four beaches actually. We enjoy walking the sandy shores, soaking up the Florida sunshine, and, of course, taking a refreshing swim in the warm Gulf waters that lap up on to the sandy shores.

Englewood Art Center

Walking along the beaches is an excellent form of exercise as the sand provides a little extra friction and therefore effort. But I also enjoy beach-combing, searching the sand beneath my feet for unique sea shells and the ever elusive "sharks teeth". Although if Judy would let me, I could be content just to sit on the beach and read a book and occasionally look up to enjoy the blue hues of the water and the sky. ;-)

Almost any time of the day, you can enjoy watching the Florida wildlife that teems along the beaches.

We love to watch the squadrons of pelicans that circle overhead, waiting to catch sight of a meal swimming just below the surface of the emerald blue Gulf waters. And then, without hesitation, a pelican, or a number of pelicans, will suddenly dive headlong into the water emerging with a snack of some unsuspecting fish. Sometimes you will see part of the fish, usually its tail, sticking out of a pelican's bill.

Manatee Enjoying Englewood Beach

Manatee Enjoying Englewood Beach

At Stump Pass Beach we often see dolphins surfing just a few yards off shore. And, every so often, we notice a shadow lurking just under the water's surface. Sometimes, this sight will cause us to look upward to see what is casting such a large shadow. But now, we know that this dark image on the water is more than likely a manatee swimming quietly a few inches below the water's surface.

Cedar Point Forest

Cedar Point Forest

Second, there are the conservation parks and nature walks. The Lemon Bay Conservancy area and Cedar Point Environmental Park have provided us with the opportunity to take guided or unguided nature walks to enjoy the flora and fauna that is unique to Florida.

Third, the golf courses that can be found in the Englewood area offer a varied Florida golf experience for golfers of all abilities who wish to have an active adult retirement. These golf courses range from "pay as you play" to private, to golf course communities.

There are other active adult retirement living activities as well, I've listed a few here, although I must admit we have not tried them all and will likely not try everyone of them:

  • bird watching
  • other wildlife watching
  • arts and culture activities
  • golf
  • mini-golf
  • dancing- line dancing or square dancing are very popular
  • visiting a spa
  • shopping (It keeps you moving!)
  • fishing of various styles
  • sea kayaking

  • canoeing
  • sea-doing
  • windsurfing
  • sailing
  • motor biking
  • cycling
  • sporting events:  baseball, football, basketball, hockey
  • fitness centers (if that is where you enjoy getting your exercise)
  • hiking through the many parks and trails
  • attractions (theme parks) galore - of course which Florida is so famous for and we are so close in proximity to.

Florida 55 community living in the Englewood area provides the opportunity also to meet others of similar age and similar interests. One can also locate in a retirement village, of sorts, that is very popular with golfers. Yes, I am of course refering to a golf course community. As you can see, for active adult retirement in Englewood Florida, the possibilities seem almost limitless.

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