Boat Cruise Though Beautiful Lemon Bay

A boat cruise is a great way to spend an evening. Actually if it is a Florida cruise any time of day is a great time to be on the water.

Judy had always wanted to kayak Manasota Key’s Intercoastal Waterway. But I was not really a big fan of this idea.

However we both love a Florida sunset. So when we discovered a boat cruise that sailed the Intercoastal Waterway and featured a stunning view of the Florida sunset we had to sign up!

As we set sail, we were eager to discover what we would see as our boat cruise began by wending its way under the Tom Adams Bridge which connects Manasota Key and its four great Englewood beaches with the mainland.

Florida Cruise With A Knowledgeable Captain

As we sailed, our Captain and tour guide, regaled us with stories about the history of Englewood and the surrounding area. But he was also quick to point out interesting sights, both natural and man-made.

Manatees Are Elusive

When we are walking along the water’s edge in Englewood, both Judy and I are ever-vigilant to espy two of our favorite sea creatures, manatees and dolphins. As we rode aboard our tour boat we were both perhaps even more attentive to the water for hints of these awesome animals.

And it was not long before we were delighted to hear our captain exclaim “To the right about two hundred yards ahead there is a dolphin!” And there it was!

It was as if the dolphin was awaiting us. With its great leaps and aerobatic displays, the passengers excitedly snapped photos and videoed the action. This acrobatic exhibition continued for several minutes as the dolphin guided us and our boat cruise through the intercoastal waterway.

As we continued our Florida cruise Judy and I continued our search for a glimpse of manatees, but I have to admit we were often distracted from this quest as the captain pointed out points of interest along the shoreline, including our dog’s favorite Englewood eatery, Stump Pass Grille & Tiki Bar (click hear for our review).

While our dolphin friend had provided us with a marine guide, our sky-born escorts, had been many different types of feathered friends, egrets, osprey and pelicans.

Pelicans Abound

However, pelicans of all shapes and sizes seemed to be the dominant species that flew overhead.

Several locations along our boat cruise were the home and breeding grounds for these awkward looking, yet magnificent birds, who at a moment’s notice will swoop along the surface of the water and gracefully scoop up large fish and smaller fry, who the moment before was swimming along minding his or her, own business.

On this local Florida cruise we skirted the inside passageway of Stump Pass State Park. It is the wild and nature laden side of the park that a lot of people never see, but is so interesting.

We passed the homes of other interesting and notable characters. Only this time I am referring to the human kind. Englewood has had and still has its fair share of well known and famous people.

As we passed back under the Tom Adams Bridge the original reason why many of us had signed up for the cruise was preparing itself on the western horizon.

Florida Sunset

 Yes, we were watching, and filming, a Florida sunset in all its glory. The awesome spectacle lasted several minutes (they never seem to remain with us for long enough!).

It was a spectacular way to end an event that captured our imagination and our attention for the entire time we were sailing on our boat cruise.

I highly recommend that you take a Florida cruise anytime. After all it is another way that you can Enjoy Englewood Florida.

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