Enjoy Englewood Florida News

Enjoy Englewood Florida is the website that explores the wide range of vacation opportunities in this Gulf Coast area. The beaches, the golf courses, where to stay and where to eat and what to do are all topics of interest. We have not forgotten the other visitors and residents of this area. This site reveals interesting pictures and information about alligators, pelicans, egrets, sea turtles and many other creatures that frequent the sun, sand and surf in beautiful Englewood Florida.

Active Adult Retirement

Active adult retirement in sunny Englewood Florida is full of enjoyable possibilities in our favorite place in the sunshine state.

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Enjoy Englewood Florida

Enjoy Englewood Florida with its sunny skies, 4 great beaches, golf courses, spas and warm weather make it a great retirement community and a fun relaxing vacation destination.

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Boat Cruise Though Beautiful Lemon Bay

A boat cruise is a great way to spend an evening. Join us on the intercoastal waterways of Manasota Key on beautiful Lemon Bay.

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Florida Beach

The best Florida beach is without a doubt the beach at Englewood. This beach is actually four beaches, all of which are within an easy drive from everywhere in Englewood.

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Beach Road

A Beach Road walking tour is a great way to explore some of Manasota Key's fabulous four beaches.

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Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant reviews by you, don’t keep your favorite Englewood Florida restaurant a secret any longer. Tell the world about it!

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Florida Accommodations

Florida accommodations search for the best is on and told by our readers.

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Home For Rent In Florida

Homes for rent in Florida come in many styles and sizes. And, they can be found for prices that will accommodate most family budgets.

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Englewood Beach

Englewood Beach is the most directly accessible of the four beaches on Manasota Key. It is also the beach that we frequent the most.

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Favorite Florida Restaurant

A favorite Florida restaurant for Judy and I resides in the Englewood area. This little bistro on Dearborn Street in Olde Englewood Village has really touched our fancy.

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Baseball Spring Training

Baseball spring training games are a great way to spend a sunny spring day on the Florida Gulf coast.

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Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is a mini-vacation you don't have to wait for the grandchildren to visit before you can enjoy all of the amenities offered at this pleasure park.

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Orlando Theme Parks

Orlando theme parks draw visitors to Florida in multitudes, creating memorable moments that will last a life time of joy.

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Englewood Sports and Recreation

Florida’s sports-friendly weather allows many sporting events and recreation activities to be enjoyed in the Englewood area. Let us introduce you to them.

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Stump Pass Beach

Stump Pass Beach is one of the four great Englewood area beaches located on Manasota Key. I highly recommend the romantic Gulf Coast sunsets.

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Englewood Florida Weather in February A Valentines Date on Golf Course

Englewood Florida weather in February is nice enough to enjoy the warm Gulf Coast weather with a Valentine’s Date on an Englewood Golf Course

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Florida Shopping Englewood Fashion

Florida shopping in Englewood offers an eclectic variety of venues that will please any"shop till you drop" shopper.

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Florida On Facebook

Beautiful beach photos from Florida on Facebook. Share yours too.

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Site map for Enjoy Englewood Florida, which will guide you through this amazing Florida vacation and retirement destination.

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Florida Motels: Grove City Motel

Florida motels like Grove City Motel are like a small version of a Florida vacation home offering tropical décor, swimming pool and beautiful gardens.

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Restaurant Listings Of Englewood Fl

Restaurant listings of Englewood Florida cover many of the dining experiences to undertake in this lovely, quaint part of sun country.

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Florida Manatee

Florida Manatees are curious and mysterious creatures. Sighting and saving these gentle giants from extinction has become an obsession for many.

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Stump Pass Grille and Tiki Bar

Stump Pass Grille and Tiki Bar is great waterfront restaurant featuring great food, sensational sunsets and its pet friendly.

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Zekes Uptown Bar and Grill

Zekes Uptown Bar and Grill, when ho-hum just isn't. Amazing food at delicious prices.

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Fastest Driving Route to Florida

Fastest driving route to Florida is also the most varied drive to Florida, because it follows several different Interstate highways to reach Englewood.

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Disney World

Disney World is our favorite Orlando family vacation destination from our favorite retirement destination in Englewood Florida.

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Book Review

Book reviews for the beach provides you with some ideas to help enhance your vacation pleasure by reading on the beach enjoying the warm breezes and sunshine.

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Yummy Shrimp

A great meal to enjoy while visiting Southwest Florida or anywhere in Florida for that matter.

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Red Tide

The Red Tide is not a new or man-made phenomenon impacting upon the Gulf Coast of Florida. Although the consequences can be fatal for aquatic life, the impact is normally minimal for humans.

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Palm Trees Frame Sunset

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