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Englewood Florida

Englewood Florida has been for many years our destination of choice for our vacation. Soon it will become our favorite spot to enjoy our retirement years.

My wife Judy and I are baby boomers and empty nesters, who just love to travel. Judy is an avid bird watcher. 

I have a free book for you that you can download to your desk top. You will be able to get it at the bottom of this page. But please first enjoy reading the rest of this page. I have some things I want to share with you.

After getting the kids to finally leave home (we really like it when they come back with grandkids for us to enjoy), we have explored many options concerning, how we are going to spend our golden years?.

A Retirement Destination For Us

  • We love Florida, especially the area.
  • We love golf (Englewood Florida has great golfing).
  • We like to bird watch (there are great places to bird watch in the Englewood area, not to mention our backyard).
  • We love sports in general (hockey, football, baseball, golf they are all accessible from the Englewood area).
  • We love spending time with  our grandchildren and Englewood is easily accessible for them all (even the ones that live on the west coast).
  • We want a safe and friendly environment.
  • We want lots of sunshine and warm clear water (Englewood Florida is on the Gulf coast need I say anything more!).
  • I like to write and all the opportunities are here in Englewood Florida. I can tell the world about all the neat things to do and enjoy in our favorite destination, winter or summer (and the seasons in between) too!

How I Created This Website As A Holiday Destination

I have spent most of my life working as a freelance writer and although I have written a considerable number of articles for websites, I never actually created my own website.

I always wanted to, but like most people I was intimidated by two things: My computer technical skills are somewhere in the novice to totally stupid range. And, secondly, because of my lack of computer technical savvy, the cost charged by webmasters to create websites just seemed too prohibitive.

Thankfully, Judy, who shared the same feelings about creating a website, started researching for solutions to our dilemma. After months of snooping around the "net" she discovered SiteSell. But, we were both wary that SiteSell was just another one of the often-publicized “get rich quick” internet scams.

But Judy continued her investigation and after several months she decided to take the plunge. SiteSell is not a free program, but it is far more economical than some of the quotes given to us by webmasters eager to set up websites for us.

Well, it was not long after Judy had enrolled with SiteSell, that we realized that she had struck gold!

SiteSell promotes the fact that it "over delivers". In fact, this is an understatement. In the years since Judy started building her site with SiteSell she has been inundated with information. Her knowledge base has grown by leaps and bounds. And, her site has taken off!

After a few months of watching my wife create a great website, I decided that it was my turn. So I enrolled in SiteSell with the idea of creating a website about our favorite vacation spot, Englewood Florida. It is fun to write about the things that you love and it's even better when you make money doing what you love best, such as Enjoy Englewood Florida

 Are you retired, or would you like to retire sooner than you planned?

 See how others have done it.

I hope all of this information has been helpful to you if you have ever wanted to have your own web site or make some extra cash through a hobby or expertise you have on a topic. If you have any questions for us about building a website you can contact us here.

Here is your free book as promised. Just click on the picture.

Netwriting Masters Course

And don't forget to drop in to my website anytime and find out what is new and kicking in the Englewood Florida area. You will always be welcome!
And, if you enjoy backyard bird feeding and bird watching, why not check out my wife, Judy's, great website WildBirdScoop.com!

And please come and Enjoy Englewood Florida with us!


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