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Property in Florida for sale is often the subject for many people looking to re-locate in the Sunshine State.

Manasota Key Home

 Manasota Key Home

You might have many reasons for looking at Florida real estate for sale. You could be buying a house because your job is taking you to the region. Or, you may be interested in owning a vacation or retirement property. Whatever your reason it seems that right now is a good time to consider purchasing Florida real estate.

Our family first purchased a home in Englewood Fl in 1982 and I can tell you that my father-in-law never regretted buying property in Florida. (And, neither did anyone else in the family.)

I know that right now even though buying a house is extremely tempting, it is also a cause for concern. The economy is in a state of flux. But the economic times are also why there is a lot of Florida real estate for sale at such attractive prices.

So, if you want to purchase property in Florida, or anywhere else for that matter, do your research and then you will be prepared to make a decision that will be best for you and your family.

I recently saw a statistic that revealed that one in five Canadians who have visited the south would like to purchase property located in a sunny climate such as Florida. Sometimes I wonder if that number is really that high. But, given the number of Canadians who have asked me for advice about purchasing real estate in Florida and in Englewood especially, it could be true.

Colorful Beach Road Condos

Colorful Beach Road Condos

A Word For Canadians

I have done a little research concerning Canadians purchasing property in Florida. Now, this information should only be a starting point for those of you who wish to investigate real estate for sale in the area.


This research is just a starting point. Please be diligent and do your "home work".

  1. First, if you do not have cash for the full amount of the purchase, it is difficult for non-Americans to get a mortgage from an American lender such as a bank. If you do, you can be certain it will be at a premium rate. After all, as a foreign national it might be difficult for a U.S. institution to recoup their loss because you probably donÂ’t have any assets in the United States to be secured against your mortgage.
  1. Second, you may be able to secure a mortgage from a Canadian financial institution. But, because the property is not located in Canada your lender may be hesitant to extend a loan on a property that they can not easily, if at all, foreclose on if you default.
  1. Third, there is a possibility. Some Canadian banks have affiliations with banks in the United States.

You have nothing to lose in trying. And, on the positive side next winter you might be enjoying sunshine in your new property in Florida instead of shovelling snow !

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